Editor-In-Chief and Conference Director

Nicole Anderson is currently Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, and affiliate faculty at Arizona State University.  Prior to this her administrative roles have included: Director of The Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) at Arizona State University, USA. Associate Dean, then Dean/Director of the School of Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Language and Literature at Macquarie University. She is also Professor Honoris Causa for the International Institute for Hermeneutics at Warsaw University, Poland.

In addition to her leadership experience, she has published extensively in the areas of animal studies, ethics, cultural studies, biopolitics, continental philosophy, poststructuralism and posthumanism, all of which have been informed also by her scholarship on French Philosopher Jacques Derrida and Derridean deconstruction. In regards to the latter she has published Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure (Continuum and Bloomsbury Press), and is currently writing a second book on Derrida (forthcoming 2025). She is the founding editor of the Derrida Today Journal (based on the work of Jacques Derrida), published by Edinburgh University Press, and which has been running since 2007. Aligned with the journal is the Derrida Today International Conferences (derridatoday.com), of which Nicole is the founding Executive Director. The conferences have been held in Britain, UK, USA, Europe and Australia, and provides a forum for academics from around the world to discuss and apply the thinking of Derrida to contemporary world events and issues.

Along with Professor John Potts she has won a prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Grant for a project digitizing the Art Philanthropist John Kaldor’s extensive art collection and co-curating and exhibiting the entire material collection at the NSW Art Gallery in 2019. And with Professor Julian Knowles they have co-produced a podcast series with PBS on the ‘Futures of Democracy’. https://futuresofdemocracy.com/